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February 27, 2006 - Clearwater, FL

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Supports Robotics

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions has just announced its sponsorship of the Krunch 79 East Lake High School robotics team.  ESCS President Matthew Heaphy proclaimed "Robots are not only a great way to inspire students to learn about math, science and technology.  They also give students a first-hand look at the exciting world of mechanics and electronics and their real-world application.” 

Robots are used in many ways, from simple tasks to automotive manufacturing.   Robots perform hazardous or even "impossible" tasks such as toxic waste clean-up and space exploration. 

Matthew Heaphy said “The best gains we've seen in our involvement is the sense of accomplishment and pride that the professionals in the private sector gain in working with the fresh ideas of the students and the practical application of the education the students have received.”

The staff at Electronic Supply Chain Solutions has made an investment of time and money in sponsoring the East Lake High School Robotics Program along with Honeywell in hopes of fueling tomorrow’s leaders and inventors. All of the parents, teachers, and mentors, along with the ESCS staff, wish them the best of luck in the upcoming 2006 FIRST Aim High Robotic Competition on May 9 -11, 2006.

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for more information about becoming involved with the ELHS Krunch 79 Team.


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